Christmas packs at great prices for your literary friends!

I’m doing some special Christmas packs at a discounted rate this year – so if you have a literary friend to buy for, this might fit the bill…

Pack 1: Confessional Box and Tourniquet (soft covers) with postcard poem bookmark $25 plus postage (RRP is $36.50)

Pack 2: Confessional Box (soft cover) and Tourniquet (limited edition hard cover) with postcard poem bookmark $40 plus postage (RRP is $48)

  • Special individual Christmas prices are:
    Confessional Box $12 (RRP $16)
    Tourniquet $15 (RRP $18.50)
    Tourniquet limited edition hard cover $25 (RRP $30)
    Postcard poem bookmark (Torpey Spoon) $1 (RRP $2)
    All prices plus postage.

If they are gifts let me know and I can sign them personally for the recipient. Send me a private message if you’d like to order!


Thanks for considering supporting local artists this Christmas, and I’m sure there’s so many crafters, artists and authors out there to consider too.


Australian poetry journal Vol 9. No 1

IMG_9799Thank you to John Kinsella for selecting my work for Australian Poetry Journal Vol. 9, No. 1. This issue is themed Resist! and there are some incredible pieces of work throughout. Selected by John was part of a sequence I’ve written – which respond to Nuri Mass’ quirky 1967 book ‘Australian Wildflower Magic’. These are feminist poems of quiet resistance, so I’m pleased one has found a place in print.

The poem you’ll find in APJ is v) Wattle – Acacia filicifolia.




What people said about The Coriolis Effect…

It was a special shared moment, when I performed the Coriolis Effect at @QPF2019. And I’m grateful for the many people who came along to hear this work debut.

Here’s what some of those in the audience shared with me after the show:

“Thanks for writing and performing such a moving and well crafted work.” Fiona

“So glad to have been lucky enough to be present. A festival highlight.” Tamara

“The Coriolis Effect is an astounding force of nature. It is also the title of an exceptional and emotional collection of poems by Vanessa Page. If there was a single person in the room today who was not crying, they are obviously dead inside.” Hannah

“Thank you Vanessa for creating and sharing this incredible work! Astonishing and profound!” Michelle

“Your poems made connections. How moving. How profound. You courageously said much that needed saying. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Julie

“It is an incredible work, and it was an incredible performance.” Robyn

Photos below courtesy of @writerlyscrawls and @hannahmakepeace


second review for Tourniquet

This week, Tourniquet received its second review, this time courtesy of Alison Clifton in Rosanna Licari’s excellent journal Stylus Lit Review.

Alison’s review was really exciting – as she has definitely tapped into the heartline of the book. The recurring reference to heat and warmth is certainly throughout Tourniquet and it was fantastic to see this examined in some depth in this the review.

I too, see this book as hopeful, despite some of the challenging subject matter. It was always my intent to have people think, and connect with the poems while considering some bigger world and domestic issues. My poems are the legacy that I leave behind, and the conviction in many of these poems is important from that perspective. There is no doubting what I stand for and what is important to me, and this book more than any other has been a platform for expressing that.

Head to Stylus Lit Review to read the review (and check out the great works published in Issue 6 while you’re there). I’ll also add the review to the Reviews page here when I get a moment.


The Coriolis Effect @QPF2019

My long-form narrative sequence The Coriolis Effect officially launched at the Queensland Poetry Festival on August 24 – marrying perfectly with the festival theme of ‘Deep Listening’.

This is an intensely personal work , but one that clearly translated with incredible impact to the audience who were visibly moved during the performance. As an artist, my job is to make the audience feel, and the nature of this work, it’s themes and construction enabled this to be done to a level I haven’t experienced previously when performing my work.

Thank you to the friends and supporters who came to listen – but also to the large portion of the audience who were not known to me and who might have been hearing my work for the first time. While it meant a few people got lost and missed the first few minutes, the last minute room change to the much larger dance rehearsal space was a blessing given the turnout.

Your attention was appreciated. Your tears were an affirmation of the truths in this piece.

Many of you have pointed out to me that there’s a real market for this piece outside of the poetry/literary scene. Mothers, sons, daughters, families experiencing trauma, and those removed from it who may be observing the external ‘symptoms’ – seeing the effect unfold, but not always the cause.

When you connect to another’s shared experience there is power in that connection – there’s healing and there is also acceptance. Whatever The Coriolis Effect becomes, it will serve this function, and I have no doubt about that.


These amazing shots were taken by Kylie Thompson @writerlyscrawls


QPF is days away…

The Queensland Poetry Festival for 2019 kicks off on Thursday 22 August so if you haven’t had a look at the program yet or mapped out what you’re planning to see – now is the time! There’s a host of events, both free and ticketed, to explore over the festival weekend.

I’ll be performing The Coriolis Effect on Saturday 24 August as part of the General program. If you’d like to attend you can buy a $10 day pass (it’s free if you’ve bought a ticketed event pass for Saturday).

Here are the details:

Saturday 24 August 12-12:30pm

Judith Wright Centre Dance Rehearsal Space

From the program: “The Coriolis Effect is a sequence of poems from award-winning poet Vanessa Page that responds to the concept of parent-child grief. This short narrative verse performance is designed to ignite a kind of healing by drawing strength from the sharing of truths.”

Join the official event page on Facebook to RSVP and stay up to date with information on the event.






some new international readers

It’s always exciting when your work is being read and even more so, when it’s being read internationally. Recently, copies of Confessional Box and Tourniquet found their way to Lincoln, California (picture below) and also to Baltimore in the US.

If you are interested in reading my work or would like a signed copy of my books, please contact me at page_ve@yahoo.com.au.

Lincoln CA

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