all of this is important

Here’s a new poem which I wrote recently and performed at Beeble Poets and the Ipswich heat of the Woodford Poetry Slam competition. And who said love poetry can’t be slammin’?

Anyway this was my first foray into Slam, and was a very enjoyable night seeing fellow Beeble Poets Cameron Hughes and Vuong Pham take out the quinella…Vuong proving that there IS a place also for haiku sequences at a Slam event!

all of this is important

it is like the tiny way summer penetrates the frangipani
tree, a bundle of thumbs waiting behind my front fence

or the slow sound of a crow in the weight of mid morning
an arrowhead launch through the city’s heat blister

it is like the way changeling night comes of age, when peak
hour has crawled like a beaten dog into honeycomb shadow

or the way the tinfoil backed river winds through the places
we’ve mapped, intimacy clicking into the same viewfinder

it is like the way emptiness holds up the sky and how
the holes we look through are burned by the same stars

all of this is important, this day and all of its parts

not because it is important
but because you are not here

© Vanessa Page 2011


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