Feeding Paper Tigers reviewed

I was excited to discover that my micro-collection Feeding Paper Tigers has been reviewed at Martin Duwell’s Australian Poetry Review. This is my first review and what better place to find it!

You can read my review, along with that of my co-BNV III poet Carmen Leigh Keates as well two more emerging poets in Eileen Chong and Matthew Abbott by visiting the below link:


Here’s a taste from the review:

The same, rather shaky distinction between a poet who explores and exploits conventional structures and one who seems, from the outset, to be doing things in his or her own way is re-enacted in miniature with the two poets of  Brisbane New Voices III. Vanessa Page’s poems tend to focus on emotional states: the first, “Five fifty-three am” is about happiness, and its structure – a set of rhapsodic metaphors (“It’s the morning rubbing the last of a dream from its eyes / as day-broken birds open their throats to the light”) – mimics the way the state lends itself to imaginative celebration rather than, say, sceptical analysis. A more common state in these poems is loss and separation from the loved-one. This seems a state more easily connected to exploration and one really fine poem, “Chrysalid”, does this within the metaphor established in the title:

This day is made for breaking. I lie awake inside the shell of sleep. Outside my window, agapanthus heads invite deconstruction There are only incidental details left. I inhabit shadows like silk-sheen resting my fingertips on your detritus . . . . .





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