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anne elder award

On Friday 11 April I travelled to Melbourne for the FAW National Literary Awards after learning that Confessional Box had won the 2013 FAW Anne Elder Award for a first book of poetry. This is such an amazing honour and I feel very privileged to be now listed alongside other winners of the award which stretch back to 1977, including some of my poetic heroes in Jean Kent and Sarah Holland-Batt (also both Queenslanders!).

The recognition is wonderful for Confessional Box, gives it great validation and has given my other projects a sense of renewed purpose. Some thank-yous:

The Fellowship of Australian Writers, the Anne Elder Trust, the judges of the awards, Walleah Press (Ralph Wessman and Jane Williams), the judges of the Arts Queensland Thomas Shapcott Awards (this book is comprised of the two manuscripts I entered in these awards that were bridesmaids in 2011 and 2012), Maryanne Oliver for her original cover art, Jessica Fazakarley for the graphic design and my beautiful family who give me the support and the freedom to keep on pursuing my writing.

Thanks especially to Ralph at Walleah – for having the courage to publish my work as a first book and for being so wonderful to work with along the way. I was thrilled that Ralph and Jane could come over from Hobart to the awards and to be there when the book was announced as the winner. So fitting, given Jane is a previous winner of the Anne Elder Award herself!

A new run of the books have been printed, and these include the FAW acknowledgement on the cover. Please contact me directly (or visit the Walleah Press online shop) to grab a copy.


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couplet at Brisbane Square Library

Fantastic evening at Couplet last night! I was excited to share the performance space with Scott Wings and those who came along were treated to two very different readings – well you couldn’t get much more page and stage than me and Scott!

It felt great to read a stack of new material to such a big group and blow out the cobwebs a little. I’m excited about these new poems and have been working hard on putting the new material together into a new manuscript. Watch this space.

In other news, there is some big news – and that will be revealed soon here. Suffice to say, I’ve eight copies of Confessional Box left – they are about to be reprinted with some inclusions so these remaining few are going to become a bit more collectable. So please get in touch if you’d like a copy.



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