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China Bull debuts at Riverbend Tues 24 June

Last week John Koenig and I did some promo for our upcoming collaboration at Riverbend, and this week it has appeared in Brisbane’s local rags – the Quest papers. There’s a bit more about the idea behind China Bull, how it has come about and how I came to be working with JK on this project. My research into the life of Annie Caroline is ongoing and has been quite fascinating and I can’t wait to bring her story to life through this poetic conversation.

China Bull promo

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, head to the Riverbend website. It will be a great night, with the launch of the Queensland Poetry Festival program and some fantastic performances from Lionel Fogarty, Rebecca Jessen, the Bell Divers and Zen Frost reading from Warsan Shire’s work.

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Call back poet for May

At the May Speedpoets, and the final at the Hideaway, I was thrilled to be named as the Call-back Poet for the month. The Call-back Poet is selected from the open mic field by the feature artists for the day, on this occasion Betsy Turcot and Kevin Smith. I read ‘Fossils’, a poem from Confessional Box, that has been often admired, but which I don’t seem to read all that often. So I thought I’d give it an airing and it would seem that it struck a chord, which was wonderful.

Each Call-back Poet then competes in November for the title of Call-back Poet of the year. At this event, each poet performs a ‘mini set’ of their work. So, as a long-term Speedpoet open mic-er it was an honour to be chosen!

And on the subject of Speedpoets, we are preparing to welcome the event in a new home in June. The Lucky Duck Bar and Café at Highgate Hill will be our new digs. Looking forward to being part of this exciting new chapter in Speedpoets history. I’ve heard a whisper that Speedpoets will be looking to return to its grassroots, with more open mic rounds and more opportunities for poets to get their words heard! Thanks to those hard working souls behind the scenes, who have kept this event running. I encourage everyone in the Brisbane region to get behind Speedpoets, support local artists and come along to the re-launch of this event. And if you are a poet, bring along your work to share – it is a friendly and supportive environment and it is always wonderful to hear new voices at the mic.

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You’d brought home a string of coloured lights
and crafted a beautiful mess

a complex frippery
hanging like an imago garland
in the exhausted landscape we’d created

our CD collections had been making love for months
behind a smokescreen of conversation
and the endless scraping of deck chairs

now, only screeching rosellas create the static

our signals have been switched off
and we wait at ten paces, armed with
our own scorched earth policies

wondering, who will keep the strange ceramic bull
on the mantle when it all becomes final?

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