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October update

I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted an update since the Queensland Poetry Festival – not because there hasn’t been much happening of late – but more that there just hasn’t been time to sit down and write a blog post! I’ve been steadily chipping away at my writing, mostly refining half a dozen new pieces I’ve been working on.

Over the last couple of months I’ve received my contributor copies of both Dazzled – the University of Canberra Vice Chancellor’s Award for Poetry for which my poem ‘Signs of Life’ was shortlisted, and also the contributor anthology released for the ACU Literature Prize, in which my poem Pristella Maxillaris was shortlisted. It was a great honour to see my work in the mix for these awards, and it has provided me with some comfort that I’m writing well and also some motivation to continue working on things.

I’ve also had poems accepted for the forthcoming Page Seventeen issue and the new Grapple Annual – and I’m very much looking forward to receiving and reading through those.

Work continues on polishing up my new manuscript which has been pretty well at a final state for a little while and which I’ve cast out a couple of times now, hoping for it to find a home. No home yet, so I’ll continue to cast the net – I’m sure when it finds its home it will be worth the wait. I really like this collection of poems as I think it shows the development that’s occurred in my writing of the past couple of years and more than half of the poems in it have been published in various places now, so something must be right with it! Patience….!That being said, if any of my poet friends reading this post hear of new opportunities to submit, it would be great to hear from you.

I’ve popped up at a few gigs around the place recently, including Speedpoets and its new offshoot Poet’s Corner at Maroochydore, this Saturday gone. It’s always really great to be able to perform in front of new audiences. I also did a short set at the Wooloowin State School centenary celebrations during September.

There are a few interesting events to come over the next few months…including the Speedpoets Open Mic finals. I was call back poet earlier in the year and will be joining the other selected call back poets to battle it out for the title in November. It should be a great event! There are some real quality poets in the field.

Then in February John Koenig and myself will be sending China Bull out on the road again and performing it live at Poets Corner in Maroochydore. This will be its third full outing, and I can’t wait – I just really love this collaboration and audiences seem to love it too.

Hope to catch up with a few people at next month’s speedpoets – don’t forget to pop along if you’re in Brisbane and support local artists! Thanks for reading 🙂


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