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2016, so far

It’s been more than 6 months since I last posted an update, but it hasn’t been an idle time. I’ve been working away at a big file of poems, many of them first formed and written during a trip to Tasmania last year. I love Tasmania. I’m half Tasmanian after all! But the beauty of the place is very conducive to writing. Most of the poems were written at New Norfolk west of Hobart where I stayed for a few days, and since then I’ve been working away steadily at them. The most recently completed of these pieces is ‘Back River’, which is in the current issue of Australian Poetry Journal.

This year, I have been focussed mostly on writing and submitting to journals, with about half a dozen picked up so far. The latest of these have been ‘Manus’ which appeared in Australian Poetry Journal 5.2, ‘Inheritance’ which appeared in Cordite: The End, ‘Instinct of Sharks’ which appeared in Cordite: No Theme, ‘Box Kite’ which appeared in Writ Review, and of course ‘Back River’.

The Tasmanian poems feel very special. Many of them are historically themed, and were written with my own genealogical frame – in that many of them evolved from pieces of information I’ve learned about through my own research. I’m pleased with how they are evolving and combining together into something strong and cohesive.

August in Brisbane is Queensland Poetry Festival time and it’s always a great event and a great opportunity to just immerse in words over the festival weekend. Looking forward to this, mostly because I haven’t been present for much of the year at spoken word/open mic events as I focus more on writing and submitting my work. That means I must be due to read something, somewhere, soon. See you at QPF!


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