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Cordite Explode and more

The latest issue of Cordite: Explode! published this week and it was wonderful to see one of my most important poems find a place to quietly shout at the world here. My thanks to Editor Dan Disney for selecting my work ‘Aylan’ for the issue.

Of the piece, Dan wrote in his essay:

Elsewhere here, poems like Vanessa Page’s ‘Aylan’ perform their saying as both a dirge and despondence … hers a decremental cry of despair, a semantic satiation and sonics of belief being beggared, repeatedly. All these are exemplary, an ‘unlikely music’ (to appropriate Janet Galbraith’s eulogising, in ‘Listening’) in a time when so much rhetoric smears organisationally across discourses (political, aesthetic, etc.), trumpeting any not ours as flatly and fully threatening and unwanted.

You can read Aylan here.

Recently another of my poems – The Mort Street Badlands, picked up a Highly Commended at the 2016 Ipswich Poetry Feast. This poem’s also online and you can check it out here.

While I haven’t been able to get to a lot of live poetry since the festival, it was wondrous to be in the house for the launch of Melissa Ashley’s ‘The Birdman’s Wife’ last month at Avid Reader. Such a labour of love and accomplishment! Big love to you Mel for creating this thing of beauty!

img_7558 img_7551

And in a reminder that its the small gestures of kindness that mean everything – I received (completely out of the blue) the latest chapbook from Judith Rodriguez, a real favourite of mine. Delighted to see a lake poem in there too. Thank you Judith. I love the generosity of the poetry community. And it’s a great little kick along for me to get things in order and start to unravel this giant bowl of spaghetti – aka folders of finished and nearly finished poems that, when put together in the right way, will hopefully sing!



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